Haverhill: Haverhill Public Library

In an agreement between wealthy industrialist E. J. M. Hale (“Haverhill’s Great Tycoon”) and the City, the Haverhill Public Library was established in 1873 through a unique public-private partnership that continues to this day. Hale donated the land and half of the funds for the construction and furnishings and the public matched his donation. The original building opened in 1875, later replaced by a newer facility in 1969. A subsequent major renovation opened in 1997 to provide larger spaces for materials and patrons. As originally negotiated by Mr. Hale, the Library is governed by a Board of Trustees which has developed a Library Endowment and contributes to the City’s budget for the Library. HPL takes pride in celebrating diversity, providing welcoming space, connecting its citizens to the online world, providing lifelong learning opportunities, and stimulating literacy and imagination. For more information, visit http://www.haverhillpl.org/.